Installing a Privacy Fence

When deciding to install a privacy fence, you have several options available. Different materials offer different levels of privacy and cost. Depending on your budget, you can either hire a professional or do it yourself. Before you start, however, you should make note of any landscape elements that could block the view. These can be expensive to remove, and hiring a professional will incur additional costs. In addition, it may damage your relationship with your neighbors if you have to re-install the fence because it does not meet local regulations.

Wooden privacy fences are the most common and versatile option. They can last up to 20 years, but wood fences can be expensive. Choose cedar or pine if you want a wood privacy fence that will protect your yard from pests and rot. Pine will need re-treating often, and it won’t last as long as cedar. While wooden privacy fences are a great choice for privacy, they are also quite expensive, and you’ll need to consider the maintenance and upkeep.

A privacy fence is important because it provides a boundary between your property and your neighbor’s. It can also be used to deter pool crashes. If you have a pool, a privacy fence is essential to prevent neighbors from snooping on your backyard while you’re relaxing in it. A privacy fence will shield you and your family from anyone looking through the fence. However, it’s also important to consider how high you’d like the fence to be, since the height of a fence can affect the view of others.

Apart from improving your home’s appearance, a privacy fence can also protect you from the noise. It reduces cross winds and protects your landscaping. A good fence also cuts down on the street noise. A good privacy fence can reduce the commotion and street noise in your neighborhood. It also offers a peaceful, quiet outdoor living space. Whether you choose wood or vinyl fence, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the advantages of each of these materials.

Installing a privacy fence can be a DIY project, but it requires some basic construction skills. It’s not for every homeowner. Considering the expense of hiring a professional, a 6-foot privacy fence can set you back anywhere from $1,788 to $4,976. DIY costs less than half that but requires more time and attention. If you want to cut down costs, however, it may be wise to hire a contractor to do the job.

While privacy fences offer better privacy, they do not cover as much as a privacy screen. While chain link and wrought-iron fences may block your view, privacy screens do not. You can also add a canvas screen to your existing fence if you wish. The best privacy screen will protect your privacy in all circumstances. And, it’s more attractive than a fence! So, how do you decide which one to use? Decide on which one is best for your home. To find out more about privacy fence in Peterborough visit

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